Sunday, January 30

"We can lift ourselves, and others as well, when we refuse to remain in the realm of negative thought and cultivate within our hearts an attitude of gratitude. If ingratitude be numbered among the serious sins, then gratitude takes its place among the noblest of virtues." thomas s. monson

i am so grateful. i am so blessed. there are some things that i am indescribably grateful for. words could never explain. here are just a few.

today i went to the temple. all i can say, is that there is no place i would rather be. i'm grateful for the temple.

i'm grateful for this. my heart. my heart is a dear friend of mine. it's through this heart, that my Father in heaven created, that i'm able to feel. it's this heart that the holy ghost touches, so that i can feel of God's love and know of His power. i love feeling the spirit. it's through this heart that i'm able to do that. my heart. i'm grateful for my heart.

i'm a student at byuidaho. i am learning new things every day. i'm gaining experience. i have the opportunity to feed my brain, open my mind and gain knowledge. i'm a student at byuidaho. i'm able to feel the spirit on my university campus. i'm grateful for the opportunity to learn in a spiritual environment.

words could never describe how grateful i am for my Savior. He saves me everyday. i love Him. i could never be anything without Him. i'm grateful for my Savior's love and grace.

i love God's creation. everything. everything about this natural earth is beautiful. i'm grateful for the beauty of the earth and the brightness it brings into my life.

i'll never be able to say how much i love these two people and how grateful i am for them. they are selfless. they are caring. they are loving. they are hard working. they are tenderhearted. they are forgiving. they are faithful. they are what i hope to be someday. i love and am grateful for the love of my parents, and the love they have for each other.

i love the beauty of innocence. i'm reminded of childhood innocence and purity when i'm surrounded by my niece and nephews. they are so perfect. if only i could be like them. i love their bright eyes and their optimism. i'm grateful for the example of children.

i love trying and experiencing new things. i'm so glad that i am able to make choices for myself and have personal experiences. i'm grateful for adventure.

friends are precious. true and close friends are rare. i've been able to make friends that will always have a special place in my heart. i'm grateful for friendship.

i've been lucky enough to grow up with 5 siblings. we are all friends and we are a close family. i love my siblings so much. i'm grateful for sisterly and brotherly affection.

Friday, January 21

And now! I will post about BYUI. My first day of school - can I say fish out of water? I cannot stress this phrase enough. I felt this every way possible. I'm in this ridiculously tiny town, absolutely dumped with snow. It suddenly appears to be 1850. I'm in school and have no idea what I'm doing. I felt like I literally looked like a fish out of water. Picture a guppy fish from the Pacific Ocean. This fish loves having fun and loves the sun and salt water. Now picture this guppy wearing snow boots and a backpack, walking around a snowy, University campus. A fish! Keep in mind it's a fish. That was me on the first day of school. But! By the second day of school that little fish owned the place.
I seriously love school. I love my classes. I love learning. I'm so lucky to be here.
I lucked out with awesome roommates. Seriously. I'll introduce them later.
My classes are... Math, Book of Mormon, Art, American Foundations, French and Fashion Merchandising. I stay really busy with all of them.
I love school.
I don't necessarily love Rexburg. I miss the desert. I miss the coast. I miss the warmth. I don't hate it here, but I would prefer to live elsewhere. I just remind myself that this is temporary and that someday I'll miss it.
Love school. Don't love Idaho. Glad to be here. :)
Catch up! Some things have happened. Like this ->

Sister Gutierrez left us. We are smiling in the picture,
but we were sad.

Stephanie and Juan got married!
They looked amazing and I was so happy
to be able to go to Carlsbad and be a part of
their wedding weekend! Love these guys.

I had an "old fashioned Christmas" with
Grandma and Grandpa's ward in Carlsbad.

I wished everybody a Merry Christmas
and bid the beautiful sun farewell.

Spent Christmas in Logandale with the family.

Said goodbye to these wonderful sisters.
I was able to spend quite a bit of time with them.
I love these girls and I was sad to leave them.
Sister Gonzales and Sister Drussell