Friday, January 20

So, I'm eating a delicious Machaca Burrito at Ramirez tonight and when I go to take another bite, by the end of the bite I have burrito (eggs, meat, cheese, grilled vegetables, etc...) spread across my face: onion and cheese on my upper cheek, egg in my hair, lime juice in my eyeball (yes, it was stinging)... Smooth. Really smooth. "Yeah, don't mind me everybody... I'm just over here being disgusting..." I don't know why my burrito had a fit, but I'm sure it was a lovely sight for all of the fellow customers trying to enjoy their food. The place was packed too, so that was great. At least on the way out some guys ran up to me and ranted and raved about my pants and then went on to tell me I looked like Angelina Jolie. I tried to smile and say thank you without showing my teeth, since I was sure I had food all up in them. I know, I lead such a glamorous life with onion breath, peppers in my teeth and eggs in my hair. But thanks to those little fellas who just made my night.

Thursday, January 19

Guess who has been married for 33 years?
Two of my favorite people ever!

Happy Anniversary you two lovebirds!

Wednesday, January 18

Look what I found on campus the other day.
Kinder Bueno Bars.
One of my favorite things in this realm.
Seriously, BYU-idaho?!
Stop being so awesome.

          Also, do you know that feeling of being just scared enough to laugh? Not scared enough to cry or even wimper, but just to laugh. Like.. "Hehe, shh!! We can't get caught by Santa Claus." or "Hehe, shh!! What if they catch us?" while toilet papering.. (not that I've ever done that.) I'm not sure if those examples are the best, but you should know what I mean. Well, I have Ancraophobia. I am unusually terrified of wind. Weird? Yeah, I know. But I am. When I walked home from campus today it was a bit gusty, giving me pushes every now and then, but just enough to make me giggle all the way home. So, happy Windsday.

Sunday, January 15

Christmas came and went and was wonderful.
One of my favorite things about
 Christmas this year was that it was on Sunday.
This year we were able to go to church before 
jumping into the usual festivities of gifts.
Renewing my covenants and hearing uplifting songs about the Savior of the world was the perfect way to begin the celebration.
In my opinion.

Here is my lovely mother.
Dad     Landon     Tibi
Kira     Myself     Lexie
Levi  Kira  Lexie  Dad  Amare  Phoenix  Connie  Jonah
Merriness indeed.
{sorry for the picture overload}
When Eden, my niece,
 found out that some little girls 
don't have hair, she wanted to do this 
so she could donate it. 
Made me cry how giving and tender children can be. 
And of course she looks just as beautiful.