Wednesday, February 6

It's February!
One of the most glorious months of the year in my opinion. 
Valentine's Day is one of the best excuses to wear red, pink, and purple, make and send homemade love notes, and be a dove all month long. Embrace it people. ♥ 
If you're having trouble embracing it, maybe these goodies will help.

1. Pink skinnies from H&M - threads for February.
2. Oversized purple sweater from H&M - threads for February.
3. Wildflowers - for this wild girl.
4. Heart-shaped sunnies from UO - threads for February.
5. High Beam by Benefit Cosmetics - easy-to-use highlighter.
6. Baby Lips by Maybelline New York - a must for this girl!
8. Be My Valentine Charlie Brown - classic Valentine's Day movie.
9. Sleepless in Seattle - Nora Ephron's classic Valentine's Day movie.
10. Van's classic white lace-ups - always a good choice.