Wednesday, July 15

I'm alive and things
I've been meaning to post forever. It's not the first thing on my mind and it's not the easiest thing to do without a computer, but I'll be sure to update by the end of this week. I mostly keep the blog for journaling purposes so here are a few things that have happened since last post:

  • I moved to Carlsbad, California on May 26th. Awesome.
  • I went home to Logandale for a visit on the 4th of July. Also awesome.
  • I got called to be on the FHE committee in C2. This means I'll be working with my cousin Heather. She is the FHE "mom" in our ward. Also awesome.
  • I took my placement tests for MiraCosta College... just waiting on financial aid stuff and hopefully it's a go. Awesome if it's a go.
  • *My bike got stolen. Not awesome at all.
  • I'm currently house-sitting for Gary and Jane while they are in France. They have the sweetest dog. Awesome.
*Correction - My bike did NOT get stolen.