Thursday, April 16

Fair Time - Easter - Family Pictures 2009
Here are some pictures of my family at the fair. For more/better pictures go to my parent's or sisters' blogs.
The kids always really enjoy the animals at the fair.
Marce is pretty much obsessed with trains and Eden is pretty much obsessed with Marce. Cute.
This picture is really sweet.
Dad stayed pretty busy during the fair, but was able to sneak away for some family time every now and then. P.S. I didn't get a shower this day... at all.
Kira- being a nerd about something.
She was probably just really excited to sit with this guy. It was actually really hard to sit by this dummy long enough to take the picture. It was creepy.
I had the privilege of hiding the Easter eggs for our hunt on Saturday morning. The kids loved it.

Here are some of the family pictures.
Our HSM picture! Rad.
This was probably the most decent picture I got.
Dad and Mother
My face looks so fat in these. Haha... fair week.

Taking pictures of the kids was kind of a joke... and church with them was an even bigger joke.

It was really fun having everybody come! I already miss them!