Wednesday, September 25

Remember how I have a blog? Yeah... I forgot.

Also, remember that one time Tommy and I got engaged? 
Probably not, because I never even really blogged about it. 
But, it was awesome.

In the summer of 2012 is when Tommy and I fell in love and learned that we wanted to be together forever. From our first date on, I think it's safe to say that Tommy and I spent time with each other everyday (except for the few days he was out of town.)

On August 16th, we were planning on meeting up with Tommy's dad for dinner, who was in town for only a few hours. Before we drove down to meet him, I remember showing up at Tommy's place and I was so hot and sweaty, which for me is a recipe for a bad mood. Tommy's smart and I'm sure he knew this, so he suggested that we jump in the pool for a bit and then clean up and meet his dad for dinner. Such a good idea. So, we jumped in the pool.

We met his dad down at the famous Fish Market in the San Diego Harbor. Dinner was yummy of course, and the company was wonderful too. After dinner, Tommy took me over to Coronado Island. We got ice cream and found a nice spot to sit on the beach. We ate and talked. Tommy started to put a ring on my finger. "Wrong hand," I told him. He switched hands. He was asking if I would marry him. I wasn't sure whether to believe it, so I asked if he was serious. He was. And I said yes. And we laughed. And hugged. And hugged and laughed. For a good while.

That whole evening was so fun. I remember being so happy to be spending time with Tommy. Little did I know that he was going to propose and I'd get to spend the rest of time with him.

That night we kept our engagement to ourselves. It was our little secret. And it was fun. We had been planning on driving out to Mesa, AZ the next evening to meet up with my family for the weekend. We figured it would be more fun to show them the news than to call with the news. So, I spent the day on a high by myself while I waited for Tommy to pick me up so we could get on the road. Longest day of my life. I pretty much didn't talk to anyone for fear that my extreme happiness might kill them or something. We finally got to Mesa and my family finally noticed the ring and then our little secret was public news.

That was an extremely memorable time in my life. I know I'll never forget it. I know I'll always remember little things about it, like how Tommy kept saying he wanted to have an "enjoyful" day. That isn't even a word. He probably made it up out of nervousness when I thought he was just being silly. I'll always remember how happy I was. I'll always remember the best parts of that memory. But I won't remember every thing. I'm sure I've already forgotten some tiny, little things within that memory.

And sadly, I've most likely forgotten many fun and wonderful memories in between then and now, simply because I didn't take time to record them. I feel like each day there is some new connection, some fond memory, some silent blessing, and I'm missing out by not writing them down.

I guess I've been thinking about it so much lately because at this time a year ago so many special memories were forming. And I loved it. And I never want to forget.

This August 16th, Tommy and I went and visited our special spot on Coronado Island. The spot where we hugged and laughed and had such a happy time together. And it was wonderful all over again.

I've never been the best at keeping a journal or a record of my life, which is basically why I started blogging in the first place. I'm not too good at keeping a blog though either. But I really want to keep a record of my life. So many great things happen that I don't want to forget.

I recently got a journal called "One Line a Day" 
and have been writing in it every day since. 
It's amazing to see how there is some 
sort of keepsake to write down every day.