Tuesday, December 14

It's coming on Christmas! We're decking the halls. We're trimming the tree. We're stringing the lights. We're hanging the mistletoe. We're singing yuletide carols. We're lighting candles. We're wrapping boxes. We're tying bows. We're dressing the turkey. We're baking goodies. We're sipping hot cocoa. We're looking at lights. We're sending good tidings. We're sharing the Gospel. We're thinking of Christ. We're loving each other. What a great season.

Tuesday, December 7

And there went November. Thanksgiving was great and is basically all I remember about this November. Seriously. So, here is a picture overload of Thanksgiving in Santa Clara.

The family enjoying the Thanksgiving Feast. We were only the 2nd table to get in line for food this year! Not bad considering there were about ten tables and one hundred people. I think the trick is to sit by Randy and Penny's family. OR the sure trick is to not sit by the family in charge that year.

Teenagers doing their yearly duty of Thanksgiving dishes. Tibi, Jorgan, Jensen, Landon and Zack.

Shulte Sisters.

Everybody mixing and mingling after the feast.

The audience enjoying Family Home Evening. Levi, Peter, Jonah and Connie.

Landon, Me and Tibi having a Vans Party before the Thanksgiving Feast.

Tibi doing what she does best. Effortlessly entertaining the happy little children that gather around willfully.

Mom and Dad welcoming the Christmas Spirit and Season.

Randon, Kylee, Jaden, Tiffany, Melissa and friend.

It was great to see everybody! Until next year, take care Willards!