Monday, October 31

I don't know about you guys...
but one of my favorite smells has got to be the smell of sticking your head into your trick-or-treat sack aaand.. SNIFF...!
If you don't know exactly what I'm talking about
Distinct. Halloween. Goodness.

That's right.
I went trick-or-treating.
With Eugene, Nacho and Dr. Studwell.
Happy Halloween!
{and yeah..... I'm 23...}

Sunday, October 30

Tis' The Season
to be eerie...

Although, I have already busted out the Christmas tunes, I'd like to jump back and acknowledge the holiday at hand.
And all of its' creepy splendor!
For me, dressing up for the holiday is always a must. That is utmost important. Other festivities include, but are not limited to: devouring candy, carving pumpkins, asking EHh-verybody what they are going to be for Halloween aaaaaaaaand watching some spooky delights!
Here are the films that I like to welcome during this holiday season.
{in no particular order}
1) Clue - Murder, madness, mystery, mayhem and funny!
2) Wait Until Dark - Audrey Hepburn is spectacular and this movie is just so chilling!
3) Harry Potter - Any of the Harry Potters really, but the first one has a Halloween celebration in it.
4) It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown - Classic.
5) The Burbs - Tom Hanks and great late 80's outfits.
6) Disney's The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad - Animated adaptions of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" and "Wind in the Willows."
7) The Birds - Hitchcock at his finest.
8) Casper - I actually haven't seen this since I was a kid, but I loved it when it came out.
{Post inspired by Ashley}

Wednesday, October 26

Today is the day.
I usually at least wait until after Halloween is over, but with THIS BABY out I just can't resist. I started listening to Christmas music today. That's right. No, no, you're not mistaken, it IS October.
In my defense, I got into the family car a couple of months ago to run an errand for somebody and what do I hear? O Sing Choirs of Angels by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir happens to be playing in the cd player. In August! Mother....?
Here is a picture that will make organized people think, "this must be Michaela's sick idea of organization" and disorganized people think, "well I guess Michaela needs to blow off some OCD steam.."

Well, you're both right. It's actually me trying to work out my schedule for winter 2012. Too bad for you you can't hear the wind whistling outside, Bing Crosby singing some jolly tunes or smell my creamy, bacon, potato soup. I'm tellin you guys... Winter is coming. And I'm listening to Christmas music tonight. So there.

Sunday, October 16

Dear Future Husband,

          Maybe when we have kiddies you can take care of the throw-up times and I can take care of the blood times. I think I can handle blood. I can handle throw-up too I suppose, but there isn't much that I hate more. I was up until 6:00 am on Saturday trying to help my sick, little brother who was throwing up every half hour or so. It was all I could do to not burst into tears for him. I hate throwing up. So. Much. Even still, I felt so bad that I wanted to do it for him and for him to feel better. It doesn't work like this, so I had to just watch him be miserable. And it made me so sad. And I think when I have kids and they get sick like that I might cry all the water out of my brain. And that's just not healthy. So maybe we could make that deal. And maybe not. And that's okay too. Just a thought. See you soon :)

Your Future Darling Sweetheart