Monday, November 8

I missed October. Where the heck did it go? It's gone! Happy late Birthday to... Melanie, Sharrid, Marc, Mitch, Paula, Lexie, Connie and Gregg! Because I most likely missed it! I don't know where I've been! Well, actually I've been at Wally's working. That's most of what I remember about the last few weeks. I did manage to have some fun though.

I feel like BYUidaho is finally creeping up on me. I can't wait, but I have to admit, I am getting just a bit nervous. Butterflies spaz out in my stomach when I start to think of it, when before they were dancing at the thought. I'm still very grateful and excited to go! Just.. a little nervous.

I'm stoked about the holidays. I'm one of the crazies. One of those crazy people whose world just seems to revolve around the holiday season. One of the people who has been welcoming the season with Christmas music since a week or two before Halloween. I love the glow of the lights, the smell of the pine, the magic in the air and the holiday cheer. I know everybody loves Christmas, but I hope you know the kind of people I'm talking about. Two people come to mind when I think of "Christmas crazies". My missed roommate Natalie is one of them. It was so nice rooming with her. She was basically flawless and the fact that she was completely obsessed with the holiday season (especially Christmas) made me feel like I wasn't the only crazy out there. The other person that comes to mind is my dear friend Greg. I love both of these people. And I think they will always be in my heart when the season rolls in. My fellow "Christmas giddies :)".

Mom, Dad, Tibi, Landon and I were able to go to Randon (my cousin) and Kylee's Wedding Reception in Ivans. It was adorable to say the least. And they are an adorable couple. I was lucky enough to have a dance with Dad, eat a doughnut and sip on hot cocoa, see cousins, laugh with Tibi and Landon and admire the general splendor.

The premier of "CONAN" was on tonight. Oh, how I've missed him. I'm so glad he is back. :)

I'm a huge fan of Google, but I think that their Blogger is a pathetic excuse for a program. Whoever designed it should be fired or should work for Yahoo.