Wednesday, October 2

It should be a crime to deprive yourself of time well spent 
in the beautiful outdoors, especially come fall. 

Over part of the weekend, we took a quick trip up to meet up with Anne and Coleman and spend some time with Steven, Deanna, and Ginger at their home in Vegas. 

We spent a good portion of our time there climbing in Red Rock Canyon, which is gorgeous desert. I love Nevada (and anywhere else) in the fall and I love spending time with family. This shorty trip was packed with it all and it was a lot of fun. I'm so glad that Tommy has such a wonderful family and that we all get along so well.

It felt so good to get out and "drink in the wild air." 
And to just "get away from it all" and run around in the desert with bare feet. 
I really channelled my inner childhood, which felt soooo good.
The climbing was a blast. I've decided that sandstone beats the gym any day. 
Plus, it's beautiful!
Relaxing with the family and just taking it easy was pleasant. 
And little Ginger was adorable, as usual. She joined in on the climbing fun by having us put a princess up top for her to climb up to and save. She ended up saving all six of them before she sat back to relax.
And Tommy conquered too, of course. He's a champ. At everything.
The boys stuck around a little longer while the ladies got to enjoy the Relief Society General Broadcast. It was inspiring. It's so incredible to be part of a world wide sisterhood with such great women.

Overall, the weekend was great. We had such a fun time exploring, relaxing, and especially enjoying the company of such likable people.

So grateful for seasons, family, nature, inspiration, loving relationships, and getaways.

{I forgot to bring our camera, but Coleman and Anne snapped some picture for all of us. Thanks guys!}