Monday, June 11

A few things.

1) I'm still alive. Since I know SOOoo many people are concerned about that.

2) This girl crush of mine has decided to grace us with another album! And thanks to an impulse iTunes purchase, I've already been enjoying the fruits of her labors. Thank you, Brandi Carlile, for rocking so much.

3) My kid sister, Tibi, just graduated from HS last weekend. Congratulations to her! And it will be so fun to spend some more time with her! (We'll be invading Rexburg and showing that place what's up come fall. :)

4) Come one! Come all! To the best shave ice hut in the entire wewld! (You see, that's supposed to be an accent.) Truly. Amazing.

5) I've been called: sweetheart, darling, dear, princess and baby girl more today than possibly ever. All by total strangers. That was just nice. Aaaannd... somebody left me a 5 dollar tip today. And it wasn't even a guy trying to hit on me. Just a girl that was feeling generous. Booya Monday. I win this time.