Wednesday, September 29

Some things.

I'm in Logandale for the time being and I recently got a job at Wally's. Yes, you read that right. Wally's. I actually really like it so far, (even though we have to wear the ugggliest shirts ever). It will only be for the next few months and I'm really lucky and grateful to have a job! It's less than five minutes away, so that's a really nice feature as well. :)

I'm back in the good ole' Logandale Singles Branch. This place is something else, but it's good to be back for the next bit. I got my old calling back (teaching Relief Society), which I love. And I just love President Leavitt. It's nice to be here.

Other than my business life at Wally's, I've been spending all of my time cleaning out/fixing up my mother's scrapbook/sewing/hobby room. I really wish I would have taken a before picture. If you haven't seen it, it looked a lot like
this... only it had some really hideous wallpaper as well. Or.. have you ever seen the television show called Hoarders? Enough said. It's still a long work in progress, but I think it will be worth the time. I'll be sure to post some before (sort of) and after pictures.

I'm so excited for General Conference. What a lovely weekend.

Sunday, September 12

I say let them eat cake!

Just kickin' it with the missionaries.
It's official. I applied to BYUi on September 2nd, and on September 7th I was notified that I have been accepted! Here I come BYUi!

Wednesday, September 8

This Labor Day weekend... I went to the lake! with Ashley, Kyle, Justine, Wade and Geoff. We enjoyed a nice day that included swimming, tubing, cliff jumping, yummy snacks and good company. It was also Dad's birthday! He turned the big 55! We celebrated with some peach cobbler. Here are some pictures of us at the lake.

Me, Ashley and Justine swimming.

Kyle and Geoff ready to tube.
Geoff cliff jumping.

Justine and Me

Me and Ashley.
Wade, Geoff and Justine
Ashley, Kyle and Me.