my story

"I may not have gone
where I intended to go, but I think I have
ended up where I needed to be."
{douglas adams}

A long time ago
there was a boy named Kevin that decided to go on an LDS mission.
He got his mission call to a magical land called
Carlsbad, California.
It was there that he met a girl named Vicki.
When his mission was over he went and picked Vicki up and took her to the L.A. temple so they could get hitched.
And they did. 

Some time later...

This girl was born in a lovely place called Newport Beach, California.
It was there that she must have acquired her love for the dance of waves, the smell of sea salt and warm sun on her skin.

She enjoyed her time there (one week) until her parents decided to move to Palm Springs, California for a year and then on to Viva Las Vegas, Nevada.
This is where girl gained her first memories of life.
A special place for her indeed.
Some years passed and girl had another move.
Not far at all from her homey Las Vegas.
Just far enough away to be called
"the country."

Logandale, Nevada
is where girl spent the bulk of her growing up.
She and her family {mother and dad, 3 older sisters, 1 younger sister and 1 younger brother} made a lot of memories in this little valley.
Girl went to school and made some friends in little town, but the time came when she would move again. 

This time alone. 

She decided to go to Orem, Utah
for a little while...
And then she decided to go to Carlsbad, California
for a while...
And then to Phoenix, Arizona...
Then Provo, Utah...
Then back to Carlsbad, California...
She wandered, as they say.

But not all who wander are aimless. 
Along with other things, she wanted to learn. 
Although she attempted numerous times to learn through higher education, something was always amiss.
Then one day, while saying her prayers, she was blessed with an answer of the right way to do it. 

"BYU-Idaho," said the Holy Ghost.

And so it was.
She packed her bags and bid a fond farewell.

And exactly one year later, there she was at her first day of college at BYU-Idaho.
The perfect place for her to be. 
For a time...

You see, her homeland of salt and sea called back to her.
So, girl packed her bags again 
and set out for a daring, summer adventure.

Little did she know that this daring, summer adventure
would transform her world.

*        *        *

Now, to take a step back into girl's wandering days...
It was 2007 when girl met boy.
She thought he was cute.

A year later, in 2008, they met again.
He thought she was cute.

A year later, in 2009, they saw each other again.
And that was that.

Three years after that, in 2012, boy wondered 
what ever happened to girl.

One month later, she had just set out for her daring, summer adventure 
when she ran into boy at church.
He sat by her.

Two weeks later, he took her out on a date.
Their first.
The frozen yogurt was good.
The conversation was even better.

He continued to ask her out on dates.
They had BBQ picnics together.
They planted a garden together.

They ate dinners together.
They went exploring together.
They flew on a plane together.

They went on a road trip together.
They liked being together.
A lot.

Boy asked girl is she would marry him.
She asked him if he was serious.
He said, "Yes."
And she said, "Yes!"

She went back to Rexburg and school.
And they missed each other.
He would visit her and take her fun places while they waited for their day.

And then...
Their day came!
And it was the best day of all time.

And girl is happier than ever.