Tuesday, October 27

This is Halloween! Everybody make a scene!
My friend Greg threw an awesome Halloween dance party at his place on Saturday night. It was way fun. I spent most of the night breaking down on the dance floor! Here are some pictures of us.



Will and Savana
(the Mad Hatter and Alice)
They looked SO rad!

Me Steph Heather
(Minnie Mouse and Night Elf from Warcraft)

Danny as Indiana Jones

Greg the party host and also a hardcore Mousketeer! He looked awesome!

This is my Relief Society president, Kelly, dressed as Joan Jett.
Her boyfriend went as Alice Cooper. So original!

Here are some peeps dancing. The nasty naked one is dressed as a duffel bag.
I got a kick out of the two guys dressed as ketchup and mustard though.

Marc Will Aaron Greg

Dudebra Jeremy Heather Me

7 love notes:

Camie said...

That Mad Hatter costume is to die for! I absolutely love it. Looks like you know how to throw one wild party!

Vicki said...

Very cool costumes. No wonder you go all out for Halloween, you have a lot of competition.

Tibi said...

Wow sweet party! Everyone looks amazing! You and Marc look sweet!! Ha and yeah that mad hatter's costume is insane! :)

Connie said...

Awesome costumes and party! Yours turned out so good, I might steal the idea next year! You are definitely on the Party Planning Committee!

Shanna said...

Cute costumes!

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