Friday, January 21

Catch up! Some things have happened. Like this ->

Sister Gutierrez left us. We are smiling in the picture,
but we were sad.

Stephanie and Juan got married!
They looked amazing and I was so happy
to be able to go to Carlsbad and be a part of
their wedding weekend! Love these guys.

I had an "old fashioned Christmas" with
Grandma and Grandpa's ward in Carlsbad.

I wished everybody a Merry Christmas
and bid the beautiful sun farewell.

Spent Christmas in Logandale with the family.

Said goodbye to these wonderful sisters.
I was able to spend quite a bit of time with them.
I love these girls and I was sad to leave them.
Sister Gonzales and Sister Drussell

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Connie said...

Great post. But how is BYU-IDAHO?

Connie said...

Still so proud/excited for you btw :)

Vicki said...

Yay for you!! I'm stealing some of these pictures...

Lexie & Sharrid said...

Missed this post! Um, I still love the Christmas card you sent me and Kira's the best. not because you guys are my sisters, they seriously were the coolest best cards I got this year. Love the picture with Grandpa, that's a treasure!

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