Monday, November 28

Happy Thanksgiving!

I forgot to pack my camera, but I snagged some pics from my mama.
Landon  Tibi  Dad  Me  Kira  Marc
Delighting in the Thanksgiving Feast.
Tibi  Me  Lexie  Landon
Laughing through a game of Popcorn.
Mother  Me  Kira  Connie  Lexie

We had a jam-packed weekend of fun like usual. 
Wednesday night we had welcoming and hugs. Thursday we had a pancake breakfast, games of Bump-out, feast preparation, The Feast, lounging, family night, pies and goodies and late-night laughing and games. Friday we had a quarry hike, lunch duty, yummy leftover sandwiches, playing at the park, a game of football, carnival games, film shooting appointments, cannelloni dinner, family commercial show, pies and goodies, dancing, late-night laughs and games and a late-night game of Popcorn. Saturday we had shooting, boutiquing, shopping, errands and goodbyes.
Until next year!

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