Monday, January 28

Because changing your name is fun...
Let's play a game, shall we?

Step one:

Get a piece of paper and a pencil. Just do it. This is fun.

Step two:

Write down your favorite color. 
If your favorite color is blue write down what type of blue, like navy or sea.
If you can't decide between navy and sea write them both down.

My answers: Navy, gold, sea
Husband's answers: Sea, navy, forest, aqua, marine

Write down one or two adjectives that describe something you did a lot in your youth.
If you played basketball or soccer, you could say running.
Stick to basic adjectives like sitting, running, playing, etc.

My answers: Running, dancing
Husband's answers: Running, jumping

Write down your favorite animal.
If your favorite animal is a dog write down what type of dog, like husky or hound.
If you can't decide between a lion and a bear write them both down.

My answers: Husky, horsey, tiger, fawn, fox
Husband's answers: Tiger

Write down your favorite flower and/or element of nature.
If you can't decide between a star or a tree write them both down.

My answers: Wildflower, moon
Husband's answers: Tree, gold

Step three:

Now take your words and combine any two or three of them to find your Native American name.

My Native American name: Dancing Gold Moon
Husband's Native American name: Jumping Gold Tiger

pretty drawing by this girly.

What is your Native American name?!
I want to hear!

3 love notes:

Thomas Shallenberger said...

I love my dancing gold moon :D ~ jumping gold tiger

Kira said...

Too many choices

climbing ocean wood

Anne said...

Colemans: Biking Orange Husky
Anne: Running Sea Horse (and not a seahorse sea-horse. A Sea. Horse. :)

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