Friday, September 9

When finals week was over, I headed to SLC to spend a couple of days with my sister Kira before going to Logandale. I had car trouble all the way down. It was all great timing since I was driving down during the hottest part of the day with no air conditioning, not to mention I was on a time schedule. By the time I got to Kira's (well, around the corner and down the street because my car wouldn't quite make it) I was so frustrated, sweaty and upset that all I wanted was a shower, a drink of water and a good cry. Luckily, Kira came and saved the day. She took me to a Fleet Foxes concert! It was amazing! My favorite band at my new favorite venue. It was at the Red Butte Gardens Amphitheater. The weather was perfect, the surroundings were beautiful and the sound was amazing. Easily one of the best, if not THE best, concert I've ever been to. We snacked on Cracker Jacks, relaxed in the cool grass and rocked out with the hippies a bit. Great concert. Thanks Kira!
This is the Red Butte.
This picture was actually from the Ben Folds concert, but you get the idea.

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